Phones that can be used with your NetFire Voice Cloud accounts
NetFire Yealink phones offer state of the art reliability, call clarity, with NetFire's unbeatable same day replacement life-time warranty
  • Product 1

    Yealink T19P-E2

    • Our entry level phone offering, the T19P features a small monochrome screen, a basic speaker phone, and works well in break rooms, warehouses, and other wall mounted rooms where a more featureful phone is not needed.
    $9.50 Setup Fee
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  • Product 2

    Yealink T41S

    • Our basic desk phone, the T41S has a basic monochrome screen and includes
      support for headsets, HD voice with exceptional call quality, and is an excellent
      choice for high volume call centers.
    $15.00 Setup Fee
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  • Product 3

    Yealink T46S

    • The T46S offers a larger color screen and is an extremely featureful phone that
      will be an excellent choice for the desks of sales, support, and regular users in
      your office.
    $20.00 Setup Fee
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  • Product 4

    Yealink T48S

    • A top of the line executive desk phone, the expandable T48S features a large,
      highly customizable color screen and is a beautiful addition to every executive
    $25.00 Setup Fee
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  • Product 5

    Yealink CP920

    • With multiple microphones providing for omnidirectional audio input and HD quality, as well as a top of the line speaker for output, the CP920 can enable your conference room communications at a reasonable cost without ever sacrificing on quality or aesthetics.
    $50.00 Setup Fee
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